Our Mission

Our mission is to offer and expand access to mental health services for those who otherwise cannot afford it.

Remove the stigma associated with seeking mental health support & help.

Pair individuals with licensed mental health professionals who share our dedication to care.

Foster a community that supports and encourages individuals to be proactive in supporting their mental health.

About Wirth

Our journey began with a heartfelt vision—to honour the memory of Jakob Wirth and his dream of creating a hat company that stood for more than just fashion. In 2014, when Jakob tragically died by suicide, a small batch of hats were crafted in his honour. Little did we know that these hats would mark the inception of Wirth Hats, a social venture dedicated to promoting mental health support and awareness, fostering resilience and solidarity in the face of mental health challenges.

If you have read the Wirth story, you know that neither Jakob nor Philipp received professional support before they died by suicide. Stigma and affordability were two significant barriers they faced. In 2019, the Wirth Counselling Program launched—a fund created to provide free counselling for individuals who otherwise could not afford it. The goal of the Wirth Counselling Fund was not only to remove the stigma of asking for help but also to break down the barriers to accessing mental health support. Since 2019, we have helped cover the costs of thousands of therapy hours for individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford them.

In 2023, Wirth Foundation was established as a registered charity (739672137RR0001) with the goal of expanding our counselling program and ensuring that mental health support is accessible to everyone, regardless of financial constraints. Recognizing affordability as a major barrier, we collaborate with Wirth Hats to raise funds and extend our reach, providing vital mental health support to those in need.

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The Wirth Foundation Team

Essay Sun

Counselling Coordinator 

Essay joined Wirth Hats in 2021 during her master’s program in Counseling Psychology at Adler University. With her passion for both business operations management and mental health, she finds her values well-aligned with the mission of Wirth Hats. Upon her graduation, she assumed the role of program coordinator at the Wirth Foundation.

Essay settled on the North Shore with her husband and two children after moving from Shanghai, China, over ten years ago. As a full-time mother, Essay had the opportunity to take on volunteer roles at her children’s schools, where she provided liaison support to expatriate and immigrant families. She loves children and is committed to working with families to create a healthy environment for their children's growth.

Megan Kimble

Fundraising Coordinator 

Megan (she/her) is a passionate advocate for mental health and has a background in youth mental health programming. Her journey with Wirth began by attending a music night and striking up a conversation about collaborating, which led her to join the Wirth team for the Quad Tandem World Championships, managing the fundraising efforts. Megan's firsthand experience with seeking therapy has motivated her to work to create a world where mental health conversations centre around understanding and compassion rather than judgement and stigma. 

Megan grew up in Pickering, Ontario, but her adventurous spirit led her to live and work in Canada and abroad - from a Whitewater Rafting Resort in BC to leading and managing educational trips for youth in Southeast Asia. After briefly returning to Toronto, she realized she wasn't a fan of shovelling snow or sub-zero temperatures. Now happily settled on the West Coast.

Stephen Stanley


In 2019 Stephen  was in the process of starting his own foundation with the goal of paying for counselling for those who can not afford it. In 2020 he was introduced to Ben and the Wirth story by a mutual friend and as they say the rest is history. Ben and Stephen ran with their new found friendship and teamed up to create Wirth Foundation, the charitable arm of Wirth Hats, which received charitable status in 2022.

Stephen has an extensive career as an investor and executive for many publicly listed companies. In 2006 he helped start and became CEO of Hathor Exploration, a junior uranium company, which ultimately was purchased by Rio Tinto in 2012.

Alexander Jensen


Alexander has been working with Wirth Hats since 2018, after the tragic loss of two friends to suicide. The loss made him realize the critical importance of mental health support and the devastating impact of stigma. This is why Alexander was drawn to Wirth Hats' important mission.

Originally from Denmark, Alexander now lives in the United States, where he works at Google to improve the accessibility of their products. This isn't just about technical solutions; he actively collaborates with disability communities across North America. By understanding their unique needs and challenges, Alexander helps ensure that Google products are truly inclusive and accessible, allowing everyone, regardless of disability, to access the information and support they need.

Natalie Gulliver


Natalie has been a part of Wirth from the very beginning. She was the first person Ben contacted for help when the initial 25 Wirth Hats were made for Jakob's family and closest friends. Natalie has long been a supporter of affordable and accessible mental health care and has advocated for the impact the right therapist can have on one's life.

Natalie grew up in Toronto, Ontario, but has also lived in Los Angeles and Chicago. She is a creative whiz with the biggest heart. Natalie has worked with many large brands in her role as Director at Pool House Creative and is a proud mother to two amazing daughters.

Ben Miller


Ben started Wirth Hats in 2018 after losing two friends to suicide. Neither friend had received professional support before they passed, due to stigma and the financial cost. Removing barriers to mental health support can save lives and significantly impact someone's emotional and mental well-being. I am proud of the Wirth Foundation’s mission to provide this support to anyone who needs it.

Ben grew up in Fort Langley, BC. After finishing his degree at the University of Victoria, Ben moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, to pursue a master's in business. In 2016, Ben moved back to Vancouver, BC, and began working in the management development space, inspired by his passion for improv theatre. In 2018, Ben started Wirth Hats with the singular goal of creating a mental health impact.