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WIRTH Foundation is now accepting applications for FREE individual counselling services with competent and qualified professionals. It’ll take you around 5-10 minutes to finish the application.

If you are in distress or crisis (e.g. experiencing suicidal thoughts) and needing immediate support, please call your local Crisis/Support Lines or 911.

Funding Principles

WIRTH aims to increase accessibility and reduce the stigma associated with seeking counselling services. We provide up to 8 free sessions for each applicant who struggles with mental health and cannot afford counselling services. We welcome all individuals and prioritize first-time applicants who are low-income.

Important: Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Step 1: Contact Details

Important: By typing your phone number, you are providing consent for us to contact you using the provided phone number.

Important: Primary communication will be conducted through email. Please check your spam folder if you don't receive any correspondence from us.


Not Canadian? Please apply here.

Step 2: About you

Step 3: Clinical Questions

Important: All the information you provide will be kept confidential and private.

Step 4: Financial Status

Important: We may ask you to present a copy of your tax return before you start receiving free counselling services. All the information you provide will be kept confidential and private.

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Step 5: Receiving Counselling Services

What will be your preferred format for counselling? (Multiple choice)

Step 6: Confirmation